Surbiton to Woking:

Surbiton to Woking:

Leaving Surbiton, the line is elevated again, and remains so for some distance, offering good views of suburbia and, to the left, the distant line of the North Downs. Esher is the station for Sandown Park, with the famous Sandown Park Racecourse right next to the railway line.

To the south of the town is the recently restored 18th century garden at Claremont. The train crosses the Mole, with its reservoirs to the right, and then a long wooded cutting takes it to Weybridge.

After the station, to the right there is a glimpse of the River Wey Navigation and its junction with the newly restored Basingstoke Canal, while to the left is the airfield built on the site of the famous Brooklands motor racing circuit. Part of the legendary, steeply banked track can be seen from the train. The site is now home to the “Spirit of Brooklands” Motor Sport and Aviation Museum.

The Museum is also home to one of the famous Concorde aircraft, Concorde G-BBDG, which now forms the Brooklands Concorde Experience. The line now runs straight to Woking, with a glimpse of the decorative 1889 Shah Jehan mosque in the woods to the left, just before the station.