Which Hotel is Right for You?

The right hotel of course

Finding the right hotel for your circumstances can be really challenging. Whenever you look online, you’re likely to find hundreds of hotels that match your criteria. The problem is that with so many to choose from, how can you be sure that you’re getting the best accommodation for you?

Here are a few handy tips to help you to choose where to stay:

1)      Check prices

When you want to stay somewhere overnight, prices can shock you. Even the budget hotels are pricey these days, costing as much at £60 or more for the one night and no meals included! If you have young children or a large family and need a family suite or extra rooms, be sure to take your budget into account. Shop around for a hotel that has room for everyone (if you have 4 people max.) or a hotel that can provide deals for extra room purchases.

2)      Scope out the location

Locations are important. Whether you can drive or you’re planning on using public transport, location is still one of the vital factors to take into account when planning your trip.

The reason being that a bad area can lead to car break-ins, unsafe environments for children and potential threats to personal safety when walking around exploring. So if you find a hotel that seems cheap enough and has vacancies for your chosen dates; first go online and do your research on the area before booking.

You also want to make sure that there are restaurants/shops nearby if you don’t have meals included in your stay. When I was in Bangkok I wanted to be within walking distance of the Phrom Phong Skytrain station (don’t ask) so I chose the best hotel closest to the station and the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre so I choose the S31 5 Star Hotel in Sukhumvit.

I used a really cool website call https://wanderingcarol.com/choosing-hotel-bangkok/ to help me choose a hotel in Thailand exactly where  I needed to be!

3)      Read Reviews

It may sound like you’re going to extreme lengths for only a couple of nights in a budget hotel, but you’ll be surprised with the difference between some of them. Certain chains are much better than others, and provide better beds, food and service. See hotel reviews

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all branches of a hotel chain are the same because they most certainly are not. Are all people the same? The answer to that is definitely no and different people run different branches of hotel. Catch my drift? The best site to use for travel and hotel information is probably trip advisor, who give guests of hotels the ability to write their own review on where they’ve stayed. Most hotel sites will only show the best reviews, but trip advisor will show both sides of the experiences, the good and the bad.

4)      Find a hotel to suit your party AND budget

Different hotels will suit different types of guests. For example, a party of young men on a stag do wouldn’t fit in very well in a quiet, family orientated accommodation. They’d be better off finding something that is near all the bars and clubs and is strictly ‘adults only’. Travellers with families including young children would be best finding a hotel that is close to amenities and entertainment but within a quieter location.