Types of accommodation

What type of accommodation are you intrested in ?

There are so many different types of accommodation available now for when you book your weekend break or sunny week in a hot country. But how do you know just what kind of accommodation you want? Most people will go for your standard hotel, but here are a few different holiday accommodating places, with a little more class and flare.

Cruise Holidays:

I think just about everyone would love to go on a cruise ship for a week! They look glamorous, have outstanding facilities and it’s all including in one big package. Cruise ships now have a vast amount to offer people of all ages now, even despite the common myth they are for pensioners! There is such a wide range of different types of cruises available varying in the places you wish to visit, the amount of time you spend on the cruise, prices and even the type of boat itself, therefore for those people who are slightly more adventurous can find themselves on a party boat! Who’d a thought? You might even find a wild pensioner there! This is a fast growing industry and more and more ships are being designed to set sail in the cruise style. P&O Cruises are one of the most well known cruise companies around, and offer a range of deals and packages that will suit all your needs AND they are available all year round. So maybe you don’t have to wait to next year or for 6 months to have your dream holiday, you can go at any sailing time throughout the year!


Luxury Hotel Holidays:

Who hasn’t wanted the luxury hotel experience? This holiday may require that little extra cash but the service available from a 5* hotel will certainly be worth it. It’s good to treat yourself once in a while, or maybe even your partner and I can’t think of anything more blissful than lying back with your feet up having everything brought to you. I find this kind of holiday is ideal for couples or best friends who require a time out from their stressful daily lives, making it a very lazy holiday indeed. You can check out Luxury Hotel Holidays which offer lots of different locations to choose from, I personally would choose somewhere hot and close to a beach! There is nothing more luxurious than rolling out of bed, getting a cocktail, and lounging by the poolside or by the sea. This accommodation will certainly have a positive effect on you helping you feel refreshed and well rested!

Villa Holidays:

Villa holidays are a great way to get a group of friends or family together in one place, that isn’t home! It is remarkable at the range of villas available in holiday destination now from small to the largest you can think of. Villas usually come in hot countries and are absolutely perfect if you want your holiday to be more personal between you and those who are joining you. You may still be surrounded by other villas, but the one that you have is yours for the duration and yours only! Freelance Holidays cover favourite holiday destinations with a variation of villas available and most of them have a pool included! Your own personal pool for a week! Villa holidays are also family friendly if you have little ones joining you! This is a huge positive as if you are in a popular holiday destination this will avoid you having to deal with the noisy teenagers in the hotel!


Spa Holidays:

Spa holidays are great if you want to go out somewhere foreign as there is a vast range of spa locations available, but also if you just fancy a weekend break at home in the UK. The great thing about spa holidays is there is so much to choose from, so you can decide on the type of spa you wish to go to all depending on the different treatments it has to offer. No matter where you choose your destination, its one thing for sure, you will return home feeling very, very relaxed! Some examples of spa holidays available are activity spas to get fit, pampering and relaxation spas, yoga spas and many more! I find this luxurious holiday is essential for the hard worker or for the hen/stag party with a twist. You can have a good time and be pampered too! Sanctuary Spa Holidays have further information on the types of spa holiday you can chooses from but also offer spa holidays all over the world, from the UK to China and many more. Everyone should experience a spa holiday or weekend at least once in their life, and benefit from the services included in these holidays.

These are only few examples of the glamorous accommodation you could be experiencing! So many different places to stay will offer you something unique and different like the types of holiday listed above. You want to have a holiday to remember not to resent! You can find an article on the Daily Mail that listed and explored all the different holiday categories available today for some further reading.